Here’s the trail info fall 2017. Any changes will be posted at check-in.  If you print it and save it, you will be “donating” a little extra to the Fire Co.! Thanks!

Registered Trail Riders for Sept 30 weekend: Fundraiser for Northampton Fire & Rescue Bidding will begin NOW for one campsite with 30 amp electric and water service for this ride only. (no sewer!) Minimum Bid is $50 and you are welcome to stay from Thursday to Monday. Bidding will close Sunday Sept 24 at 8pm local ESVA time. Due to possible delays in servers, the last bid I see here at 8p will win. All bids must be entered on our facebook page. No email or PM. Ready, Set, Go!!!!

*** $25 extra to move 2 corrals over and back** Sorry, didn’t anticipate corral holders wanting this site. FYI it is close by and to the left of the pavilion !

Please find a list of important facts:

Fall 2017 Ride:  Weekend of Sept 30 2017  PLEASE DO NOT MAIL BEFORE JULY 20 2017!

Application for Fall ride is here:

Fall 2017 app   WORD DOC

Fall 2017 app    PDF

Spring 2018 date May 5 2018 weekend.


  • Please don’t postmark before the published date as I must ignore those apps, and I do get some postmarked before the published date. This ride is “first come…first accepted” and it is the only fair way to open the ride. We humbly thank you for your continued interest and support of this ride. Watch here for updates!
  • Please read the entire site…if you still have questions, contact us.

  • Breakfast WILL be sold on Sat and Sun mornings.
  • Riders under age 18 MUST and WILL wear helmets. Helmets are recommended for all is a no-brainer! (Sorry- can’t resist that)
  • Ticks are always a problem on the shore and this year is no exception.  We use OFF! on our horses legs, nooks and crannies and mane AFTER a ride.  Works Great!
  • Coggins information please READ.