July 11, 2020:

I know this fall ride is a bit confusing as far as registration goes. To remind you, we are limited to 200 people on the campground so I must be vigilant in my spread sheet. If you DONATED back in the spring, you are guaranteed a place in this ride, first come, subject to my numbers. Also if you own corrals, you too have first right of refusal subject to timely advice. So this is just a heads up to those of you who donated, first, to please mail your registration in NOW as we are (happily) filling up fast. And to Corral Owners- PLEASE let me know if you are coming to this ride, and be sure to mail your registration by Aug 10. I am trying to give equal chances to the rest of our faithful riders so I really must have this info a.s.a.p. Confused? email me or PM me on FB. Thanks to you all.

At this time we are planning a no-frills ride with no food and no porta potties. Application will be here by July 1 or 2.  Strictly limited to 200 paying riders. Corral holders must let me know their intentions by or before Aug 10. Aug 10 is the mail date for non-corral owners. 

To our riders who donated their fee in May: Please send your application and check for the Fall ride NOW! So that I have you counted in the strictly controlled 200 riders. Again, if you kindly donated your fee in the spring when Covid19 first hit, and you are coming to the Fall No Frills ride, please complete the new application and submit it with your check right away. Coggins can be emailed to me later.

AND CORRAL OWNERS: You must notify me soon of your intention to come to the fall no frills ride too for the all important count! You may send in your app/check now too! Thanks.

FALL 2020 Ride date:  September 26 weekend

Fall Application  FALL-2020-Sept-26-application T-SHIRT


Watch this place for trail ride information close to the ride date.  Any changes will be posted at check-in.  If you print it and save it, you will be “donating” a little extra to the Fire Co.! Thanks!

Please find a list of important facts:

 Fall ride- Sept 26 2020 Weekend

  • Please don’t postmark before the published date as I must ignore those apps, and I do get some postmarked before the published date. This ride is “first come…first accepted” and it is the only fair way to open the ride. We humbly thank you for your continued interest and support of this ride. Watch here for updates!
  • Please read the entire site…if you still have questions, contact us.

  • Riders under age 18 MUST and WILL wear helmets. Helmets are recommended for all is a no-brainer! (Sorry- can’t resist that)
  • Ticks are always a problem on the shore and this year is no exception.  We use OFF! on our horses legs, nooks and crannies and mane AFTER a ride.  Works Great!
  • Coggins information please READ.