Tips and Tricks to get an Awesome Trail Tide Photograph!

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Photo Credit: Laura McKee

Photo Credit: Laura McKee

After the Trail Ride what I dread to hear most is “I didn’t see any pictures of me…are there more somewhere that we aren’t seeing?” The answer is usually “no.”  I always feel terrible when I hear that, and the reality of it is, it will probably happen on every ride that I photograph.

Why?  Well, you are all here to enjoy riding on the amazing private beaches of the Chesapeake and to keep from being dumped in the water when your horse first lays eyes on that scary dude with a tripod and huge lens.  That is how it should be, but it is my hope that if you keep a couple simple things in mind when you hit the beach, figuratively, that you can still have the time of your life and come home with a live-action portrait worth framing!

That is me in the picture above with my camera and tripod.  Now that you know what I look like, if you didn’t see me on the beach, there is a chance that I never saw you either.


Spring Trail Ride, 2014

Unlike the roller coasters at the amusement park, there are no hidden cameras ready to capture your expressions of delight, or terror as you hurtle towards earth at high rates of speed.  Makes sense, right?  Good, let’s move on.

During one of the past water fowl seasons, I happened to get a chance to watch some duck hunters.  They would hide behind some cover and when the ducks would fly toward them they would pop up and shoot.  Some got hit, others kept on going.


This may not be the most appealing analogy, but when you come within range of my lens, I am trying to pick you off along with all of the other riders on the beach.  I do have a couple of advantages over the duck hunters, though.  For one, you and your horse are slower than ducks and I won’t need to reload either.  I am sure it wouldn’t surprise you that none of the ducks ever circled back around to give the hunters another shot.   Please feel free to ask me if I was able to get a good shot of you.  If I didn’t you can circle back around and give me another chance!

One more duck hunting reference and I’ll be done with that.  If several ducks are flying in close proximity a hunter may be able to get two or three with one shot and then high-five-it with their buddies.  Generally for me and you,  those type of shots are much less desirable.


Spring Trail Ride, 2014

Speed up or slow down.  It will be a much better experience if you don’t have to share the beach with the other 249 riders all at once.

What type of photo do you want, land or sea? Posed or Action? By yourself or in a group?


Fall Trail Ride, 2012


Fall Trail Ride, 2010











Fall Trail Ride, 2015

Whatever you decide, have fun and be safe…and don’t be afraid to ham it up a little!

When you get back to camp

There will be hundreds of photographs on display.  To make it easy for you to find yours, they will all be in sequential order and time-stamped.


Take a peak at your watch when you get on the beach and remember what time it was.

I really look forward to meeting you and your horse at the next trail ride!

— Alex Tiethof