"The EASTERN SHORE TRAIL RIDE® event is a twice yearly camping and riding weekend by invitation only for good riders and their good horses on private land on the Eastern Shore of Virginia."

100% of the proceeds benefit Company 16 of the Northampton Fire and Rescue Company. The trail wranglers donate all of their time and fuel and equipment costs. Your entire donation goes to the Northampton Fire and Rescue Company 16.



Watch this place for trail ride information close to the ride date.  Any changes will be posted at check-in.  If you print it and save it, you will be “donating” a little extra to the Fire Co.! Thanks!

Please find a list of important facts:

Fall 2019 ride is Sept 7 Weekend 

FALL sept 7 2019 application

 DO NOT MAIL BEFORE DATE is July 10. Thanks!

(Mark your calendar for the Spring ride- May 16 2020 Weekend)

Trail Ride Info will be posted here in late August

  • Please don’t postmark before the published date as I must ignore those apps, and I do get some postmarked before the published date. This ride is “first come…first accepted” and it is the only fair way to open the ride. We humbly thank you for your continued interest and support of this ride. Watch here for updates!
  • Please read the entire site…if you still have questions, contact us.


Trail Ride Information… FAQ’s

  • FALL TRAIL RIDE is Sept 7 weekend.
  • FALL sept 7 2019 application
  • DO NOT MAIL BEFORE date is July 10. 
  • Watch this website for info on registration. I post a “heads up” about a month before I will accept applications… Watch for updates on registration numbers. We do fill up in the first few days
  • Check out the entire site: still got a question? email here


The Rides are limited to 250 riders and horses, and registration is in advance only. No admittance at the trail head without confirmed registration. Fee covers weekend riding on private wooded farm trails including long stretches on the Chesapeake Bay on private beaches, lunch on the trail Saturday only, dinner at camp Saturday night and camping at our beautiful and private campground.

Please check out our little Google Ads… lots of good resources, and every click helps the Fire Department!

FALL sept 7 2019 application  

Do not mail before July 10 2019   (please)

2020 Spring Ride May 16 2020 weekend.

Watch this website for updates and for future ride information. All notices are posted here; we do not email bulk notices. It is your obligation to check this site for updates. Use our email link for specific questions.  This application is chock full of information too- read it all please.

A current (within 12 months) Negative Coggins report is required for all horses. If you don’t know what this refers to, please contact your veterinarian who will advise you on its importance.

Additional Information on Trail Ride FAQ’s Page

Horse water is provided at the campsite, as well as limited potable water. Horse water is provided along the trail from common-use stock tanks.

Open fires are allowed depending on the weather. When fires are allowed, they must be contained in an approved appliance. There are no rocks on the Shore so you cannot construct a fire ring on site.

Directions and GPS coordinates are found in Trail Ride FAQs on the left, above.

Talented DJ on Saturday night with dancing in the Pavilion.


Riders under age 18 MUST and WILL wear helmets. Helmets are recommended for all riders..it is a no-brainer! (Sorry- can’t resist that) Sorry, no buddy seats allowed due to landowners’ restrictions.

Vet will be on call- You must be prepared to pay the vet at the time of service!

No farrier available unless trail riding farriers wish to work. Horses do not need to be shod.


This Website is owned and operated by WEDOWINDOWSLLC.NET which pays all fees... NO ride funds are used for its operation.

We reserve the right to reject any applicant and deny entry to anyone if we deem it necessary for the comfort and safety of our guests. Unruly horses and/or riders will be evicted without refund. This website is owned and operated by WEDOWINDOWSLLC.NET and no ride funds are used for its operation.